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    Jen​nifer Johnson BScN RN

Freelance Writing Services

While currently working at the bedside fills my soul, writing and helping others to grow feeds my heart.

“What people don't seem to realize is that nurses are simply people too.”

- Jenn Johnson

About Me

13 Years in the Emergency Room

Hi, I’m Jennifer Johnson, and I am a wife, mother of two and a Registered Nurse in Ontario, Canada. I have spent the last thirteen years of my career in the emergency room of big and small hospitals all over Northern and Southern Ontario. This book means the world to me because it is quite literally my soul spilled out onto the page. I have personally been a part of all the heartbreak, drama, bullying, life to death moments and then also trying to cope in the ER during an ongoing pandemic. This book is my rally cry to all the other nurses struggling through this pandemic and finding that they are losing their love of nursing. They (as well as I) are burnt out and depressed, and feeling hopeless. The love, caring and comradery of nursing have changed for all of us, and the expectations that we continue to show up to a job that puts our own lives on the line is newer to us, and we are not doing well. I wanted to put this book out there to let nurses know that they are not alone. Bringing back the love of nursing is possible. Now more than ever, we need to support one another and help raise each other. This is that book.


From emergency departments big to small, I've been lucky enough to help to care for every age group.


Caring for those at their worst is my calling. There is something so gratifying about being able to help someone back away from the edge of a certain disaster and then watch them heal.


Watching what 2020 and the pandemic has done to nurses across the world breaks my heart and I want nothing more than to help each and every nurse fall in love with nursing again.

Freelance writing

Compare services and find the best fit for you.


$50/hr CAD

Editing health-related articles to ensure clarity and appropriateness for medical personnel or on the flip side, readability for the general public. 


Specialty Writing Services

$75/hr CAD 


Using my vast experience as an ER nurse to help you better reach your target audience.